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Wheaton Christian Center Anointed Word

Weekly Podcast from Wheaton Christian Center Church in Carol Stream, IL.

Jan 31, 2016

In order to get there we must allow sanctification to freshen us up, receive the courage and strength of God to fight, look unto Jesus to retain our focus, and follow through to obedience.

Jan 24, 2016

God has set the course before you.  The prize is worthy of our running.  Do you have what it takes to get to the finish line?  The presence of God is the power to finish.  He is the author and the finisher of our faith!

Jan 17, 2016

When the Lord says "Go!" we may be tempted to ask "Where are we going?".  But by faith we understand:

There is a purpose.

There is a place.

There is a process.

There is a price.

There is a path.

There is a plan.

There is a prize.

Let's trust God and move forward!

Jan 10, 2016

Many of us find ourselves wandering around the wilderness because we are not willing to confront our position or our disposition.  The first question posed in the scripture was when God asked "Where are You"?  If you are going to follow the course sometimes you have to consider that question for yourself.  It's an...

Jan 3, 2016

In this message Pastor Paul is teaching on the role God's word has in directing us toward a life of purpose and the vital importance of both our interest in the word of God and our response to God's word.